Serbian geographical society

Српско географско друштво

Serbian Geographical Society

Serbian Geographical Society was founded in Belgrade, on Annunciation Day, April 7, 1910. Its founder is Jovan Cvijic, Serbia’s giant. It was the first geographical society in Yugoslav countries and the Balkan Peninsula, and it’s also a major cultural and educational event of the state of Serbia… Find out more!



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Pursuant to the Education Development Strategy in Serbia until 2020 and Action Plan for the implementation of the Strategy, the Ministry of Education, Science and technological development plans to modernize curricula, as well as their alignment with the educational goals and outcomes. Find out more!

International Scientific Conference
Modern geopolitical processes in Euro-Asian area with the special focus on the West Balkans  

It will be held in Jun, 2017, in Banja Luka, Republic of Srpska


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Belgrade Winner Statue

Monastery Krka

Old Mountain

The town of Knjazevac

Interview with prof. Dr. Mirko Grčić,
President of the Serbian Geographical Society, the BG journal (July, 2016):

Geographers have been created to study the world and teach other people scientific truths to which they came. Geographical view of the world is simply unique. Geographers not only describe the distribution of various phenomena on the surface of the Earth, but also explain how the world works and how it is organized in space, and thus initiate scientific thinking ahead.


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prof dr Benno Werlen


Member of the Serbian Geographical Society, Iso Planić, is one of four climbers of Vojvodina’s expedition “Everest 2005”, which climbed to the highest peak of the world Mount Everest (8848m), on is 29 May, 2005. Congratulations!


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