Publishing activity of the Society is as old as the Serbian Geographical Society itself. The second year of Society’s existence, the first volume of “Glasnik” was published. From the first issue until today 84 volumes of the “Glasnik” were published, most of them were published in double issue, with nearly 700 articles mainly from geography but also from neighboring sciences. However, it is important to note that until after World War II the “Glasnik” was the only permanent scientific and geographical publications in Serbia, and that his contribution to the development of scientific geography in Serbia is invaluable. In addition to the “Glasnik”, Serbian Geographical Society has published 71 volumes of “Special Editions”, 13 Atlas of the Geographical Society, 5 “Map collections”, 11 volumes of “Small Library”, 53 volumes of scientific and popular edition of “Zemlja i ljudi“, 28 numbers of didactic-methodical magazine “Globus“.